Metallostasis in Bacterial Pathogens

Metallostasis: Transition Metal Homeostasis in Bacterial Pathogens

In this project, our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of how cells regulate the intracellular bioavailability of essential transition metal ions, notably Cu, Mn and Zn among others. This process, termed metal homeostasis and resistance, represents an important battleground in human host-bacterial pathogen interactions since these ions may be limiting or in excess, both detrimental to the survival of the invading microbe. Metal sensor proteins bind specific DNA sequences and regulate the expression of homeostasis genes in response to specific metal ions. Recent studies involve the use of ion mobility mass spectrometry and methyl-NMR dynamics approaches to elucidate mechanisms of allosteric regulation in metallosensors, and understanding the physiological response of Acinetobacter baumanni to host-imposed Zn limitation, Fe limitation and Mn toxicity in Streptococcus pneumoniae using a variety of analytical approaches.

Reviews and Perspectives


The pneumococcal iron uptake protein A (PiuA) specifically recognizes tetradentate Fe(III) bis– and mono-catechol complexes
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